Admission examination

Regular date: 6-17 May 2024
Alternative date: 24-31 May 2024

Invitations to the admission exam are only sent electronically through the university’s electronic information system and no later than 30 days before the exam date. If the faculty sends an invitation for an alternative exam date, this period may be shortened accordingly.

Admission exams on an alternative date may only be permitted by the dean for applicants who request an alternative date at least three days after the regular examination date. Only serious reasons, primarily health-related, are considered for an alternative date. Other reasons include study abroad constituting preparation for university study. The request must be explained in detail and the circumstances in the request must be documented. Other alternative dates are not permitted.
The application is submitted and handled through the university’s electronic information system.

Any such claim is not taken into account if made retroactively, e.g. during an appeals process.


Description of the admission exam