Payment information

Account name: Univerzita Karlova
Account number: 19-2764980247/0100, KB Praha - město, Václavské náměstí 42, 114 07, Praha 1
Constant symbol: 0308
Variable symbol: 988018
IBAN: CZ8701000000192764980247
Specific symbol: the ID number generated by the information system after the application is submitted.
In ‘notes for the recipient’, list the name of the applicant.

When paying from abroad it is necessary to pay all applicable bank fees.

If an application does not meet all the stated requirements or the application fee has not been paid, the faculty will request the applicant to rectify the matter and grant him/her adequate time to do so. If the matter is not resolved by the applicant within this time, the admission process is suspended. Application fees are non-refundable.