Basic information

The aim of the study program Immunology is education both theoretically and practically skilled professionals in the broad field of biomedicine for their application in the research, clinics or applications.

2 years


On Campus

February 29, 2024

October 1, 2024

CZK 30.000 (approx. 1.200€) / year

Detailed description of the programme

Immunology is a dynamically evolving field integrating knowledge of molecular and cell biology, physiology, histology and functional morphology (in the context of evolution and ontogenesis) relevant to the immune system (or host-pathogen interaction). Topics such as transplantation, allergies, immune deficiencies, autoimmunity, immunosuppression, immunotherapy, or anti-tumour immunity are typical areas of interest for immunologists. Immunology covers all levels of biological knowledge from molecules (cytokines, immunoglobulins, receptors, signalling molecules), through cells (a whole constellation of immunocompetent cells), whole organisms (there are transgenic animal models are often used) as well as communities (frequencies of different alleles of genes regulating the immune response, evolution of immune mechanisms). A separate emancipated part of immunology is clinical immunology focused on human as a model organism. All above mentioned topics and concept are covered in the study programme Immunology by the variety of lectures and practicals, including the topics of the diploma thesis.

Admission requirements

Subject of admissions examination and additional information

Programme structure

A common study plan (seminars, diploma thesis, obligatory courses) is personalised into an individual study plan for each student (lectures, practicals) based on the particullar focus of the student/diploma thesis topic.

Career opportunities

Broad field of biomedicine - research, clinics or applications.

Guarantor of the programme

Prof. Jan Černý

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