Registration for master's study

Requirements to register for study

- (it is not possible to register if these requirements are not met)

The following documents may be used to prove compliance with the requirement of successful completion of study in bachelor study program:

a) a document proving completion of bachelor degree at university in Czech Republic – it is necessary to submit a notarized copy of diploma

Prospective students that finished bachelor degree at Charles University do not have to prove completion of their studies before their registration.

Documents required from graduates of foreign higher education institutions:

b) a document proving general recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic (so-called “general nostrification” issued by one of the Czech universities or by Ministry of Education) – a notarized copy of the document shall be submitted

c) a document concerning a foreign higher education which is automatically equivalent in the Czech Republic without any further administrative procedures – students that finished their bachelor degree in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or Slovenia should submit a notarized copy of their diploma and diploma supplement.

d) prospective students who applied for nostrification type „c“ to the Faculty of Science and were informed about the positive result do not have to submit anything

Nostrification for applicants for master and doctoral programmes of study

Please bring the following items to the registration:

Foreigners assigned Czech ID numbers must also bring a copy of the document showing the number they have been assigned.

Where needed it is possible to download the confirmation of study, fill it out, print the required number of copies (we recommend 4 - 5) and bring this with you to registration. Then you will not have to fill out the confirmation by hand during registration.

Registration by proxy is only possible based on a notarized power of attorney. However, to obtain information to access CAS (Central Authentication Service), SIS (Student Information System) and to get your CU student ID card, you will need to visit the ID card dispensary in person after registering.

If registering by proxy, the person representing you must present a power of attorney. You can download a power of attorney form here.