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The Geology Master's programme places a primary focus on Geodynamics, delving into a diverse array of processes associated with global tectonics. This exploration involves comprehensive, multiscale, and interdisciplinary analyses of magmatic, metamorphic, and deformation systems.

2 years


On Campus

February 29, 2024

October 1, 2024

CZK 60.000 (approx. 2.500€) / year

Detailed description of the programme

Our Geology Master's programme, specializing in Geodynamics, comprehensively explores various facets of tectonic processes. Through the examination of magmatic and metamorphic rocks, including their deformation structures, students gain insights into the dynamic Earth processes. The two-year master's degree programme places a significant emphasis on individual research projects, master's theses, benefiting from our teaching approach that integrates a multiscale and interdisciplinary perspective. Our tutorial-style teaching incorporates practical courses, fostering "hands-on" experiences that develop essential computer modeling capabilities and other crucial soft skills. Field expertise is integral to the programme, with numerous master's thesis projects grounded in fieldwork. Additionally, our experimental petrology laboratory offers valuable insights into complex natural processes. The programme nurtures teamwork and independent thinking through interactions among Czech, international, and visiting Erasmus students, as well as with lecturers and PhD students. Students benefit from a global network of collaborators, encompassing various scientific institutions in Czechia and abroad. The programme also provides opportunities for Erasmus mobility, allowing students to explore exchanges with numerous top European universities.

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Programme structure

A common study plan (seminars, diploma thesis, obligatory courses) is personalized into an individual study plan for each student (lectures, practicals) based on the particular focus of the student/diploma thesis topic.

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Assoc. Prof. Petr Jeřábek

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